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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Gym Garb: What Really Gets Me Moving

I’ve had a lot of questions as to what I’m doing to lose weight. It’s not like I’ve lost a ton, and I’m definitely not always diligent about my activity level or health in general. It’s easy to get caught up in a whirlwind of afternoon naps and ice cream, especially in the late spring.

But I’m working on it. I don’t want to get back to this point, ever. Before I got pregnant with E, I was floating around 185-190 pounds. At 5’6”, this put my BMI around a 30 – in the ‘obese’ scale. After giving birth to E, I couldn't shake 198. I swear, I had nightmares about the scale when I went to bed at night… so I decided to take action.
July 2011

So what am I doing to lose weight? I’m counting calories. A lot of calories. ALL the calories. Ever heard of the app My Fitness Pal? Yeah, this little bugger knows all of my binge and calorie-limiting secrets. For me, I need to average about 1300 calories a day to lose weight on the regular. I don’t do that every day, but I do my best. It’s a marathon, not a sprint… right?!

I also run. A lot. Anyone who went to middle school with me can attest that I’m certainly not a runner. Or at least I wasn’t. But I discovered that all it took was a little motivator – the promise of new clothes when I get to a smaller size. Recently, that has shifted even more. It’s not just new clothes, but new active wear!

Not a personal best, but it beats sitting on my bum!

I've discovered nothing encourages me to get sweaty more than having a cute outfit to get stinky in, as opposed to throwing on an old 5k race tee and oversized basketball shorts. Have you seen Old Navy’s spring/summer active wear looks?! I’m absolutely smitten with the Mesh Bubble Tanks (Check them out below!) The Padded Cami provides a little extra support when a single sports bra isn't enough. (Secret: since I’m carrying around some larger-than average girls, I’m a big fan of doubling up with an underwire sports bra and a traditional on top. No need for black eyes, ladies!)

I want ALL the colors.

And more importantly, the pants: When you’re getting stinky, yoga pants are great but sometimes you need something that both wicks the sweat away and sucks everything in. I really, truly love Old Navy’s compression-mesh pants. They provide a little ventilation and hit at such a flattering spot on the calf (for me. I’m 5’6”) but also hide cellulite and mush thighs.

I had an opportunity to pick up a free active wear set by way of Crowdtap just the other day, and I’m definitely addicted. I can honestly say that it changes the way I look at working out. Yeah, it’s about getting healthy and changing my body and setting a good example for my daughter. But I've discovered that it’s also about feeling good about myself. I feel good when I look good.

Superficial? Sure. But it’s also a great motivator. Whatever works to get you off the couch! Check out Old Navy’s latest in active wear, and I pinky swear you won’t be disappointed. If nothing else, you’re going to look AWESOME when running errands!

If you want to check out Crowdtap to give direct feedback to awesome brands like Old Navy, Verizon, McCormick, Durex and SO many more (and potentially sample free products), click here! This post is sponsored by Crowdtap, but the slightly less chubby thighs and opinions are all mine.