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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Unshopping is the new shopping

I know, it's been a bit quiet around here. It's already well into summer and we've been on the go so much. Lots of outside time, beach time, pool time, bike riding time, park time, friends time. Also, shopping time. Lots of shopping time.

I have a bit of an addiction.

Have you heard of Yerdle? It's sort of like Craigslist for stuff, only less of the whole 'I'm going to meet you and slaughter you and trade your organs to my mother in law in exchange for a cross stitch, but only after I've taken your house keys off your corpse and in turn robbed you blind' and more 'I'm going to let you redeem some of your free website credits toward my junk that you want and I don't and in turn I'll receive credits and de-clutter my life'. It's actually really genius, and an awesome way to purge without creating a bigger heap in a landfill somewhere in Iowa.

Anywho, Yerdle is hosting a 30 day unshopping challenge. In a nutshell, you don't buy anything besides food and diapers and other necessities for a month. Sounds easy, right? For a compulsive shopper like myself, it's going to be redonk hard. But think of the reduced waste, the financial savings, and the free time I'll have. Maybe I'll sew more and tackle some of the crazy crafts I've been wanting to work on for ages now. Maybe I'll actually [read: finally] lose some weight.

...Maybe I should buy one last pair of shoes before I start.