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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Stupid Ham

There is screaming coming from my playroom by two juveniles saying "You stupid ham!" and husband is outside snowblowing the snowdrift that covers our driveway. Christmas programs have been viewed today, grocery store trips have been made, slight but necessary naps have been taken by the youngest of our clan, and Santa has been sat on officially by two monsters. I suppose I need to actually sit down and write the post that I've been dreading. I really should've finished it yesterday, and I had plenty of time to do so. The 2 month mark of my body journey. GAH!

In the post dated November 1st (Come to Jesus, He Has Cookies), I posted my starting weight on October 19th... it was 192. Yesterday my weight at the gym was 170 which doesn't suck considering, ya know, 192-170=22. Good math in 60 days. Kind of crazy math in 60 days. But don't think I'm just starving myself - my amazing, encouraging, bad ass trainer Rachel (find her on Instagram here) took my 60 day measurements to help me gauge where I'm at.

So to explain a smidge of the jargon above - I lost 30 pounds of fat (aka Tommy) and gained 8 pounds of muscle (aka Emma shortly after birth). My body fat percentage went down from 38% to 25%. Waist = hips and butt, and I have a 28" belly now. 28 INCHES. INSANE.

Sooooo... that's awkward. Stay tuned for the next installment of 'Buffy shows her big booty in short shorts'. ACK! I genuinely feel so weird posting this stuff. It's personal. I'm a woman. I'm self-conscious like every other, and maybe more so than some because I've always been big. I've always had rude comments and was teased. And that stuff sticks. But I keep thinking that if I can show another person that you CAN make a difference for yourself and your family, and that strength training doesn't make you look like a man, and food can be addictive but with work and patience and love for yourself, you can change... if I can help one person, my embarrassment at showing my body uncovered and unedited and unfiltered is totally worth it.