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Friday, May 26, 2017

My favorite horn dork

Regardless of political opinion or news station preference, everyone needs to drop everything and tune into Fox News this weekend. No, seriously.

They are running a story about Bugles Across America (they provide bugle players to play Taps for veteran funerals around the US) and The Getzen Company for Memorial Day weekend. The husband is going to be on national tv! Eek!

Keep your eyes open for this nerdball!

The full story will air Monday night at 5pm CST during Special Report with Bret Baer. It may also air Saturday and Sunday in an abbreviated format. So, yeah. TUNE IN! 

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The selfie game

I had a startling moment of clarity yesterday - image is the most important thing, no matter the outcome. We all do it. We portray ourselves as devil-may-care or the martyr or as the perfect parent or as the fashion accessory parent. This doesn't mean I don't do it too. I'm horrified at the idea that people will think I don't care enough, or that I'm an unfit parent. Publicly admitting mulling over the ramifications of suicide? That puts a bullseye on your back, after the respectful time allotment has passed. "It's been three weeks or so. Okay, she's fine." I've never experienced so many odd side glances at myself in my life. Before that, I publicly talked about my body, and my body image. I've had people suggest I maybe tone up before being so candid - so I stopped talking about my self-described successes and downfalls of my bodyfat percentage.

The point of this is that I ostracized myself yesterday and I ostracized myself a month ago and I'll most likely do it again. And again. I tried to get deep and talk about a bigger picture thing, tried to talk about something I didn't expect to affect my family. Especially not now; especially not at this age level. I had **multiple** people tell me or message that kids are kids. I shouldn't be so open with my blog. I'm being so over-dramatic. And so the next worry is, "Does the world think I'm just creating drama when there is none? Does the world think I'm an unfit parent because I didn't pay closer attention to what was taking place? Do they think I'm unfit because I stepped in? I corrected other peoples' kids; I corrected my own kid? I may have portrayed another parent as unfit because actions took place they weren't aware of. Am I unfit because kids were unfairly awful to each other in my own home without me being aware of it? Am I wrong in taking my child out of the situation? Should I have left her to fight her own batttles? Should I have caused a scene?" It truly never ends.

We as a human race cannot live like this! It's exhausting to constantly tiptoe around to play meek or overplay a role of carelessness or scrub our home because guests and pretend it's the natural state or suck in our stomachs and stick out our chest or anything else, solely to project an image.

I haven't been super social on Facebook lately, but it was suggested I turn it off for a week for the sake of my family. So that I can be a mom instead of a worrywart. Am I still on Instagram? Um, YES. I clearly have to still put up bi-weekly images of myself with the perfect chin position and teethy smile.

But the social comparisons, the worrying, the fear of being an outcast, the pride of a friends list number, the perfect profile picture, blah blah blah... I'm done.

...Clearly for only a week though. I'm not some kind of monster!

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Sunrises and Starbucks

 So here I am on this beautiful crisp morning, talking to type in the middle of a street in Geneva, Illinois. No that wasn't a typo. I didn't mean to say Galena. I didn't mean to say Lake Geneva. My husband and I snuck down here for a weekend to celebrate our 8th anniversary. I'm going to be honest, thus far it has been pretty damned relaxing. However, my insomnia continues, so I am on a mission for coffee that wouldn't require me waking my husband. I know there's a Starbucks just down the road but I still prefer smaller coffee shops.

You maybe wondering how I'm doing now. Honestly? About 80 million times better than I was a few weeks ago.

...Until just now, when I realized I'm stuck with Starbucks. Ack! The Washington in me begs for a quality local establishment or 6 in every town. Come on, people! Add a drive thru window and I'll be loyal for life.

Anyway, the meds are adjusting. The sun is shining again. I'm surviving.  Things are so incredibly Rocky there for a little while. I basically had a look at my surroundings and keep myself in check, because truly it my life is pretty great. Yeah, I have got a couple of kids who are total jerks. They are way too spoiled and both love to pick fights with me.  But hey, I have a husband who would do anything for me and truly I would do just about anything for him. I have friends who care and love and genuinely care  about my well-being. I have freckles, and you really cannot beat that.  No, seriously. They are my favorite trait.
And, with my recent new (read: awful) skill of not being able to sleep in in the mornings, I get to see sunrises every day. It's pretty  uplifting to be able to watch this guy crack in the pink and orange and then yellow.

 I too am on my way to cracking into yellow.