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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Sunrises and Starbucks

 So here I am on this beautiful crisp morning, talking to type in the middle of a street in Geneva, Illinois. No that wasn't a typo. I didn't mean to say Galena. I didn't mean to say Lake Geneva. My husband and I snuck down here for a weekend to celebrate our 8th anniversary. I'm going to be honest, thus far it has been pretty damned relaxing. However, my insomnia continues, so I am on a mission for coffee that wouldn't require me waking my husband. I know there's a Starbucks just down the road but I still prefer smaller coffee shops.

You maybe wondering how I'm doing now. Honestly? About 80 million times better than I was a few weeks ago.

...Until just now, when I realized I'm stuck with Starbucks. Ack! The Washington in me begs for a quality local establishment or 6 in every town. Come on, people! Add a drive thru window and I'll be loyal for life.

Anyway, the meds are adjusting. The sun is shining again. I'm surviving.  Things are so incredibly Rocky there for a little while. I basically had a look at my surroundings and keep myself in check, because truly it my life is pretty great. Yeah, I have got a couple of kids who are total jerks. They are way too spoiled and both love to pick fights with me.  But hey, I have a husband who would do anything for me and truly I would do just about anything for him. I have friends who care and love and genuinely care  about my well-being. I have freckles, and you really cannot beat that.  No, seriously. They are my favorite trait.
And, with my recent new (read: awful) skill of not being able to sleep in in the mornings, I get to see sunrises every day. It's pretty  uplifting to be able to watch this guy crack in the pink and orange and then yellow.

 I too am on my way to cracking into yellow.

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  1. i absolutely really love reading about pretty much just everything. you are an amazing soul with so much to it. keep being you