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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Attempting a size smaller of my crazypants

 After my crazy pants last post, I want people to know that I really am OK. It had everything to do with a new prescription I was put on. As my doctor reiterated, things were going to get rocky before they get better.  So as one antidepressant\anxiety medicine was wearing off, the new one hasn't ramped up yet so I was just sort of thrust into a whole hot mess of emo.
I can't say that I'm fixed. I don't really think there is a fix for anxiety and depression like that. But every day things are shifted to be a little bit better.

 Does anyone else remember this post from Hyperbole and a Half?  If you don't know the site, you are insane in the membrane and a should probably wasted about 47 hours of your life going back to the very beginning.  Anyway, I got really good at treading water until I  wasn't anymore. The prescription change was just about the most necessary thing for me even though it obviously had some pretty nasty (but hopefully temporary)  side  affects.

 So basically what I'm saying is please be patient with me. If I say something that seems kind of odd or if I am not as responsive for a little while,  or I don't show up at the gym for a couple days or whatever, I'm trying to work my way through this. And yeah, I'm still going to be sarcastic or goofy and say inappropriate things and probably be completely misunderstood and misinterpreted as being a bitch instead of me just trying to crack a joke.  That's just what makes Buffy Buffy.  But again, please be patient with me. I'm treading water but I'm desperately trying to make my way to shore, instead of going under.

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