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Sunday, September 21, 2014

The two sided blanket scarf you'll never take off

Two days ago it was a lovely 75+ degrees here in Southeastern Wisconsin. By yesterday, I woke up to a whopping 50 degrees. Oh, hi fall. I guess you decided to come fast and strong this year. Luckily, I very recently stocked up on sweaters from Twice.  Unfortunately, I boxed up a bunch of scarves with my maternity clothes (which makes zero sense but... whatever. I blame sleeplessness and a new baby and the worst winter ever for the errors I made last spring). I love me a good scarf, so I decided to try and whip up my own version of a scarf that will be EVERYWHERE in the next few years: The blanket scarf. Fashion bloggers are going nuts for these giant pieces of flannel, and stores like Zara and J.Crew are selling them for 5 gazillion billionty dollars. Maybe $10 worth of flannel is a little more palatable? It sure as hell is for me!

You'll need:
* 2 pieces of flannel, approximately a yard and a half each
* thread
* A sewing machine and an hour of your life

First, put the right sides of the flannel together and line it up as best you can so that if you flip over the fabric on either side, you're going to see the icky/non-printed side. 

I like to then pin and sew one side together at this point. Just one. I want it as a base so that before I do any more pinning or ironing or anything else, I know the pieces are where they are suppose to be.

From there, I line the fabric back down on the floor and trim up the sides to make sure the pieces are square. I had to trim up the blue piece of flannel significantly because the fine folks at cut it a little wonky. It's cool. I'll forgive them.

Then start sewing the two sides together! Sew... and sew... and then scoop up your infant son when he starts fussing and wants to watch what you're doing from a front row seat. BE SURE TO LEAVE A GOOD 6 INCHES OPEN! This is so you can turn your scarf right side out once you're wrapping up.

Once you've gone around all but the last bit to stitch close, start turning the right side of fabric out through the hole you oh-so-conveniently left so you have your blanket scarf with the printed, pretty side visible. Make sure and get those corners out so it's square!

Take a break to explore your latest Twice delivery because, clothes.

After you get back on track, iron up all the edges to get your scarf nice and flat, and then stitch around the entire thing at around a 1/4 inch.

VOILA! Blanket scarf. It's cozy, reversible and... 

It doubles as a lap blanket while you watch Once Upon a Time on Netflix. Because, Ginnifer Goodwin's hair.

**If you want some tips on how to wrap said blanket scarf, check out this blog's tutorial on how to tie your new BFF.**

Monday, September 8, 2014

Adventures in the ER

Sunday evening I visited our local emergency room for some sharp and extremely painful cramps. I ended up leaving with antibiotics that make me puke, painkillers that make me dizzy, and the lovely experience of my first CT scan.

I will say, it was weird being at the hospital by myself but the husband was wrangling the kids. It was for the best.

And a Schoolhouse Rock marathon was on, so there was that.

I'm fine, I'll survive and as of right now (after seeing a surgeon this morning) we're just playing it by ear - if the pain gets worse, I'll have an ultrasound. 

Keep me in your thoughts, all! An infant who thinks sleeping is silly, a pit bull who barks at nothing in the middle of the night and a threenager who uses the excuse of, "I need to poop!" to get out of everything are leaving me more than slightly exhausted.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Don't make me say it Twice. I will though. Meet my new obsession.

This isn't a sponsored post. Not even a little.
Two weeks ago tonight, my life was changed forever. Shortly before bed, I saw on some random couponing site that website was offering free shipping for that night only, and if I signed up from the link posted, I'd get a $10 credit. Since there were a slew of tops under $10 listed I'd be able to get a free clothing item.




Talbots pants for $12. J.Crew sweaters for $10. Gap blouses for $8... and that's not even the designer stuff. There's a freaking Marc Jacobs dress listed right now for $34, originally $348. What's the catch? 
It's resale. Not consignment. People can sell their gently used (key word: gently) clothing items to Twice and Twice then sells it to the public for cheap. You might turn up your nose at used, but srsly? Some are new with tags.

Like these The Limited tuxedo stripe skinny jeans, marked at $14.95.

I HAD to show the world my haul because I'm disgustingly obsessed with this website now. I'm not just saying this: everything was in perfect condition. I expected pulled threads or small stains or pilling, but no. Perfection all around.

Ann Taylor Loft heavy sweater - Banana Republic blouse - Jones New York blazer

J. Crew button up sweatshirt - Lands End Cardigan - J. Crew green sweater

Gap hoodie - Gap sweater - The Limited skinny jeans

So yeah. To say I'm excited is an understatement. I've placed two more orders since I received these! 

In summary: Twice is my new anti-drug. If you buy something through my referral link, we both get a $10 credit. The quality is impeccable and the pictures on the site don't do the clothes justice.

Oh, and they JUST started selling handbags. 
Excuse me while I explode.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Simple DIY Kimono in 11 idiotic steps!

Here is some insider information: I like shortcuts. I like figuring out how to do something easier, and then
doing it that way. Who doesn't, right? So when I was looking at all these random tutorials on how to sew up a basic kimono (because I'm kind of obsessed. True story), my head was spinning with measurements and long division and notions and potions. I just wanted a damned boxy kimono. So here is what I did:

1. Buy a yard of chiffon. I got several yards from for a steal - it's actually J. Crew fabric. When I say steal, I'm talking 75 cents a yard. Yup. Steal.

2. Fold said fabric in half. 

3. Cut up the middle of the folded fabric. You are cutting the body out.

4. Then, hook a left and cut the rest of the way - You've now cut out your kimono.

5. Unfold. See? Find the middle of the bottom of your kimono.

6. ONE SIDE ONLY, cut up the middle of your top to what would be the neckline. 

7. At the top of the shirt, cut out your neckline.

8. It's hem time - stitch up the inside of the arm and down the sides.

9. Do a quick rolled stitch - hem along the bottom, sides and neckline. Does that make sense? I made a little guide for you with my most advanced MS Paint skills ever.

10. Hem your sleeves.

11. Wear your kick ass new kimono out in public at a local county fair! It always helps when you aren't wearing a too-tight shirt and a nursing bra with zero support, but I digress. KIMONO!!