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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Will Move for Money - Ways to earn with your Fitbit!

Hi. My name is Buffy. What's your name?
That's a beautiful name. Do you own a Fitbit?
Did you know that you can make some moolah with your steps?
YOU DIDN'T?! Silly person. Well, nice talking to you!


Just kidding, minus the money portion. I've been randomly cashing in with my Fitbit (a.k.a. my best friend)  here and there, and figured it was high time everyone else do the same!

Walgreens: Perhaps one of the easier sites to accumulate and cash out, the Balance program allows you to earn balance rewards in exchange for your activity! Those rewards then get transferred to your Balance Rewards card, which can be redeemed for free items at Walgreens!

Sweatcoin: A relatively new app, this one lets you earn 'coins' for your outside activity! This is an especially cool app, because it syncs with your phone to track outdoor steps to convert to coins (1000 steps = 1 coin). These coins can then be redeemed for gadgets and services. While this is still a relatively new program and the redemption options aren't fully loaded yet, the points add up pretty quick!

this has to be worth a few bucks and a baked potato, right?!
Achievement: I adore this app, because it's so simple and seamless! After linking your Fitbit, you earn up to 80 points daily for your activities. But, it's not just the activities - if you post healthy activities on Twitter or other social media sites you can earn up to 6 points daily. Sleep, you get points. I always forget about Achievement until I suddenly am sent an email saying I have 10,000 points to redeem for a $10 gift card or Paypal.

Bounts: This UK app (yup - it's open to the US) has recently undergone some changes, but is still a great way to challenge yourself and potentially get some free gear in the process.

Leap4Life: This is actually website-based versus app-based, but it's another great tool to get some freebies! You earn points for joining activities on a group level, and can redeem those points for merchandise or gift cards. SCORE.

Stepbet: From the makers of Dietbet comes my new personal love/hell. Stepbet isn't technically free - you join a challenge that will last between 6-12 weeks and pay into the pot. So long as you meet your daily goals (as determined by Stepbet, not you) for the entire time frame you get to split the pot with the other finishers! If you fail, you're out the money. Sad trombone, but the idea of actually losing money is enough to keep my butt moving! I'm currently in a Stepbet that is in its' final week. $20 buy-in, 980 something starters and is now down to 625. That means as of right now we'll cash out at approximately $26 after Stepbet takes their little cut.

Runister: While I'm just now starting to research this one, the just of it is simple - track your active walking or jogging, earn money, cash out via Paypal.
some apps aren't worth the bruises.

There are a handful of other apps and sites that sync to your Fitbit (HiGi, Goodcoin, Scorecard Bonus through Dick's Sporting Goods) but I've NEVER been able to get any of these to work properly, or the redemption options are lackluster at best. Not worth the clicky clicky of the keyboard.