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Saturday, December 3, 2022


It hurts. 

It hurts when people you care about say they want your time, but won’t make time for you. 

It hurts when you are desperate to interact with someone outside of work and you realize no one is available.

It hurts when you tell the good stories and are told you are “humble bragging”.

It hurts when you tell the bad stories and are told you only complain. 

It hurts to give everything to kids at school and be told that you aren’t giving enough.

It hurts to come home at night and have nothing left to give to your own family.

I‘M hurting. This is a cry for help. 

I don’t know how to do this much longer. 

The smiles are always forced.

Shutting up and down

When it’s something good that happened or a sharing of a compliment, it’s a humble brag and I’m ridiculous.

When it’s a story of frustration or hurt, all I do is complain. 

Almost 34 hours ago exactly I learned a new truth: my worth is simply shutting up, smiling and nodding when appropriate.