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Friday, June 22, 2018

Fleeting Moments that Never End

My dear, sweet son... I know these moments are fleeting and someday you won’t want to snuggle me. You won’t beg me to sit on the floor with you riiiiiiight here for (and I quote) “A reallllllly wong time!” I know these things, and it makes my eyes sting. It makes my heart heavy. It makes my arms ache to hold you tighter and closer. 

But OMG holy crap you and your sister are out of clean socks and I cannot see the kitchen counters and I JUST took the fastest full shower in history (seriously under 3 minutes) and I have dripping hair and a vicious nick on my leg that may actually be causing me to bleed out. We have done nonstop snuggling for several days while watching my personal hell AKA Paw Patrol and you won’t let me even turn the Roomba on in the damned living room, let alone actually vacuum it. Cracker. Crumbs. Everywhere.

So I sit here, and I think of those poems and songs and whatnots about how messes will wait but childhood won’t and as much as I cherish and appreciate the sentiment sometimes, I want to slap the ho-bag who wrote it because Mama needs to get some shit done. But I’m still sitting here. 


Juuuust sitting here, watching some awful Paw Patrol.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Teeth whitening truths and AN EPIC GIVEAWAY

You run into me at the gym, or at the store or at school pickup or while I'm out for a jog. I smile at you because I'm not a jerk and because I know I have a great, white smile. Are you going to smile back?

We smile. People smile. It's literally our culture's first reaction to show our teeth when we interact with someone. When you greet someone and they don't reciprocate, initial thoughts tend to me that something is wrong or they are unfriendly.

Don't be unfriendly.
No, seriously, don't be a jerk.

Have pretty, healthy teeth. Brush them, floss them, and then use some sciencing and whiten them with professional-grade stuff from Smile Brilliant!

I got a chance to check out the teeth whitening process from Smile Brilliant and upon receiving this massive kit in the mail, I was admittedly in shock. And more than a bit nervous. So I busted out the instructions, started to ignore them, and then realized that there was no way in holy heck I could ignore them. Because, science. If nothing else, this is basically a chemistry set for grown ups (so that's basically amazing). But it's all pre-mixed with extra stuff in case you jack things up and it's totally simplified for those of us who never actually took chem in high school, and this frazzled and uneducated mom appreciates it majorly.

I enjoyed making the impressions far more than a stay-at-home-mom of two should have, at 9 pm. While watching Scandal. Obviously.

Off the pretty little blue intentions of my teeth went with the US Postal Service, and 5-8 business days later (I'm not exactly sure how long it took because I had no recollection of when I sent it off. Smart, Buffy) I received my trays for the gel application, and I was ready to roll! At least in theory.

Honestly, I had a genuine fear of the first treatment because even after having already completed the most sciencey part of this at-home chemistry project, I figured I'd screw something up. Hilarious, because I DID. I set my little timer for 75 minutes to be cautious, popped the tray in, and as the buzzing went off... it was a miracle! I had no sensitivity! My teeth didn't feel even slightly different! ...Nor did they look any different because I am a complete idiot who used the sensitivity gel (which doesn't whiten, it strengthens) for the first hand full of treatments while thinking it was a whitening treatment. Sooooo... that happened.

Once I actually started whitening my smile bones with, ya know, the actual whitening gel, I think my favorite thing about Smile Brilliant is that the trays can be worn with minimal effort, and aren't noticeable at all! I actually wore them to the gym the other evening and no one caught that I was wearing them! Another day I whitened while working in my yard and while I went to school to pick up the big kid. This hardcore coffee and red wine and tea drinking mom has needed a product like Smile Brilliant for a long, long time. I've tried the dissolving strips and the dentist supplied strips and the gel you paint on and the messy charcoal toothpaste powder that wrecks the sink and needs an additional brushing to get out of your gums. The reality is, to get the deep down stains from years of dental abuse from the staining foods we eat and drink, you need a product that is going to work deep down. Period. Exclamation mark. So there.

And when the treatment was all said and done? **I GET THE HYPE!** It's everything you need to create that perfect, brilliant smile with a 100% money back guarantee and a genuine care for the consumer. It's made in the USA, ships worldwide and is far more affordable than similar treatments from a dentist's office - the average dentist charges more than $500 for similar custom trays for your chompers!

Basically, you can't go wrong.

Okay, yadda yadda. The good stuff... my results! I'm still a work in process, but my before and after is below. I haven't quit the coffee or the tea or the red wine and I've only been whitening about 2 to 3 times per week for about 2 hours per day while doing other things, for about 3 weeks now. I've had - wait for it - no sensitivity yet. None.

Intrigued? As the famous and deceased Robert Goulet would say, "You should be. Goulet". Click, sprint or even just keep a steady-paced jog and head over to and use code sahmbuffy20 for a super duper exclusive 20% on your very own whitening treatment! Now you can be a smiling non-jerk like me!

FOR ONE WEEK ONLY! The wonderful people at Smile Brilliant have agreed to host a giveaway for the value of a whitening system of your own ($149 value), open to my friends (Mom, this includes you!) in the USA, UK, Canada and Australia! Go to 👉 right stinking now! SERIOUSLY!