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Friday, June 22, 2018

Fleeting Moments that Never End

My dear, sweet son... I know these moments are fleeting and someday you won’t want to snuggle me. You won’t beg me to sit on the floor with you riiiiiiight here for (and I quote) “A reallllllly wong time!” I know these things, and it makes my eyes sting. It makes my heart heavy. It makes my arms ache to hold you tighter and closer. 

But OMG holy crap you and your sister are out of clean socks and I cannot see the kitchen counters and I JUST took the fastest full shower in history (seriously under 3 minutes) and I have dripping hair and a vicious nick on my leg that may actually be causing me to bleed out. We have done nonstop snuggling for several days while watching my personal hell AKA Paw Patrol and you won’t let me even turn the Roomba on in the damned living room, let alone actually vacuum it. Cracker. Crumbs. Everywhere.

So I sit here, and I think of those poems and songs and whatnots about how messes will wait but childhood won’t and as much as I cherish and appreciate the sentiment sometimes, I want to slap the ho-bag who wrote it because Mama needs to get some shit done. But I’m still sitting here. 


Juuuust sitting here, watching some awful Paw Patrol.


  1. My 4yo is the same way, except with youtube videos about dinosaurs. I currently also have a 3month old, so you can imagine how much of my time is just sitting & snuggling.

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