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Sunday, September 16, 2018

This coffee tho.

So I just blew my own mind.

The other day I received this charming little blue teapot from FabFitFun, and I was immediately smitten (If you don’t already know, tea is sort of the peanut butter to my jelly). Anyway, in much darker and sadder news, I also recently thought I would start drastically cutting my caffeine to see if it helps with my anxiety, especially since that anxiety nonsense has been escalating lately and I hate hate hate every anti-anxiety med I’ve tried. A little lifestyle change seemed to be much less toxic for me.

But I love coffee.
Like pink puffy hearts and unicorns and Lisa Frank stationary and HBO-miniseries-type love it. 

So this morning, I decided to put Dunkin Donuts decaf in the filter basket, use my electric kettle to heat the aqua and see how freaky things could get. 

Like the beautiful coffee oils and rich flavor without bitterness and just... ahhh...
But also, this tea pot, amiright?!

Also, if you want to discover things you didn’t even know you needed (because this pot alone covers the cost of FFF for a season and I also got a $100+ Vince Camuto tote and bath salts and an adorable umbrella and SO much more!) definitely check it out  I can hook you up with $10 off your first order! 😘

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