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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Simple DIY Kimono in 11 idiotic steps!

Here is some insider information: I like shortcuts. I like figuring out how to do something easier, and then
doing it that way. Who doesn't, right? So when I was looking at all these random tutorials on how to sew up a basic kimono (because I'm kind of obsessed. True story), my head was spinning with measurements and long division and notions and potions. I just wanted a damned boxy kimono. So here is what I did:

1. Buy a yard of chiffon. I got several yards from for a steal - it's actually J. Crew fabric. When I say steal, I'm talking 75 cents a yard. Yup. Steal.

2. Fold said fabric in half. 

3. Cut up the middle of the folded fabric. You are cutting the body out.

4. Then, hook a left and cut the rest of the way - You've now cut out your kimono.

5. Unfold. See? Find the middle of the bottom of your kimono.

6. ONE SIDE ONLY, cut up the middle of your top to what would be the neckline. 

7. At the top of the shirt, cut out your neckline.

8. It's hem time - stitch up the inside of the arm and down the sides.

9. Do a quick rolled stitch - hem along the bottom, sides and neckline. Does that make sense? I made a little guide for you with my most advanced MS Paint skills ever.

10. Hem your sleeves.

11. Wear your kick ass new kimono out in public at a local county fair! It always helps when you aren't wearing a too-tight shirt and a nursing bra with zero support, but I digress. KIMONO!!

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