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Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 - Photo Flashback

January: LA, Jeanine (!!!), Mickey's house, giant belly.
February: Love/Brett/Valentines, leopard print dresses & sassy red hair, baby showers (I still haven't seen any pictures!)

March: Golden birthday, pitbulls in hoodies laying on swollen legs 24/7, finishing a nursery.
April: My squishy new angel, lots of family, no sleep and even less motivation to put on a bra.
May: Bursts of spring, still no sleep, van hits the house.
June: Date nights, smiles and giggles, retiring officially from having a 8-5 job and instead have a 24/7 career.
July: Passing of Dolly :(, Emma's first baseball game, Minneapolis road trip, summer finally arrives.
August: Bachelorette parties, Brewers games, soaking in the Midwest sun.

September: Warrior Dash, Walworth County Fair, Lish & Jessie's wedding.
(I had to post two)
October: Ricky & Michelle's wedding, BREWERS NLCS!!!, Robin & Nick (Also !!!), New Mexico (and one more !!!) - again, I have to post two.
November: Unseasonally warm weather, Thanksgiving, a super mega ultra speed crawler, playdates in Naperville, SOPHIE.
December: SANTA, holiday parties, a pulling-up-on-everything baby, neon lights on the house.

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