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Sunday, July 8, 2012

The fat chronicles - Part 1

My ass and I needed a come-to-Jesus.

When I decided to start making healthier decisions after weaning my daughter from breastfeeding/pumping, I was at 201 pounds. Oomph. I felt terrible about myself - I went out for a bachelorette party last summer and I was fighting back tears the entire time. While I was down to 195 at that point, I was embarrassed by my weight - my legs, my double chin, my arms, my butt. It didn't help that I was with a group of women who are tall and leggy. I knew I needed to step it up.

Some people use the crutch, "But I just had a baby!" for years - I didn't want to fall into that trap. I've never been a skinny girl. Recently seeing long lost pictures of myself from youth and high school, it was clear I've never been small. Even at my wedding, I was still 176 pounds. I knew I could do better.

I'd go for runs a few days a week, do the occasional Jillian Michaels video but the weight wasn't really moving.

In January, I was asked if I wanted to join some women comprised of both strangers and some ladies from my internet mom's group in a weight-loss group on Facebook. Thank GOD! This was what I needed to hold myself accountable! At this point I was around 185 pounds. Thank you ladies. When someone asks what we're doing to move today, or posts tips on cutting sugar from meals, or shares a few meal ideas... I thank my stars that I have this group of women.

This was in January (please ignore the clutter. This was clearly taken in the man cave):

Since I joined the group in January, I've lost an additional 20 pounds through diet and exercise. I have another 15 I want to lose, and at that point I want to focus on building more strength. Regardless, I needed to have a moment of bragging.


  1. I'd been meaning to tell you how hot you've looked lately. Thanks for giving me the perfect forum! So proud of you! Keep getting after it!

  2. You look amazing. Seeing someone you know get results is truly inspiring.

  3. Let's just take a moment to epically happydance about this, shall we?! Because GURL LOOK AT THAT BODY.
    Congratulations on all your hard work & all that's to come, hot stuff!

  4. Buffy, you look AMAZING! Your waist is TINY! Great work, girl!

  5. I've been telling you each time I see you how amazing you look! I was in the same boat as you when our babies were about 3 months old but I haven't had the motivation or drive that you have. I don't use the baby excuse, I just complain but being fat and unhappy. Hopefully I'll get to where you are one day soon! Keep up the great work!!