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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Stay Tuned - I'm going to be glamorous!

The Naptown Organizer is holding a seven day mommy challenge - be presentable for a full week, starting tomorrow. I'm notorious for taking a shower post-workout and then putting on a grimy bra and stained jeans. Or I'll straighten my hair and make it look all purty... and then I'll throw it into a messy pony tail. My daughter? She always looks presentable. Me? I typically look clothed at best.

Can I handle it? Will I crumble? Am I going to get my nails did? Only time will tell.

Stay tuned. I'm going to be posting a picture each day of my outfit, and will leave said outfit on until at least after dinner. I **think** I'll be okay, but I also have a lot of cleaning and projects to accomplish in the next 6 days. Perhaps this will motivate me to get stuff done sooner in the day!

And in the next few minutes/hours/days I'll be sharing two special recipes I've customized that pretty much made my husband a very happy man last week. 


  1. I think you always look great and fashionable and cute! I'll be surprised if you aren't amazing at this.

  2. Pfffffft! You are too kind... And apparently drunk!

  3. Whatever, you always look great!!