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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday night randomizer

1. We got to take a little adventure to the ER today. Emma had nasty hives for the last two days (we weren't sure what they were) and after her nap today, things were out of hand-bad. Our local urgent care is located within the ER but it is only running from 9-1 on Sundays. Of course, we got there around 2. Poor kid - they look so nasty.

2. I'm reading a book completely out of my usual genre - Hiding in Sunshine by John & Caitlin Stuart. It was sent to me courtesy of Influenster and I wasn't so into it at first. Now, I can't stop.

3. Everyone and their cousin knows I'm a member of Crowdtap and I've had tons of success, bla bla. I'm currently pimping this site out because I'm DESPERATE for a new phone and I really want the opportunity to host a Windows 8 party. So basically I need help from any route I can get it - If you want to see where I've easily earned $200+ via Amazon gift cards in the last year without putting in much effort, received probably $300 worth of clothing from Old Navy and a bunch of other stuff PLEASE use my referral link to check out Crowdtap! I can walk you through the site, etc. 

4. Big couple of months! I was just trying to figure out what all we have coming up in the next few weeks and then was thinking ahead. Here's what I'm working with: A trip to Disneyland (as well as a trade show in Anaheim, but whatever. MICKEY MOUSE!!), a giant playdate party, a vacation in Florida, my birthday, Emma's birthday... that's just the big(ish) stuff.

5. I really need to do dishes.

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