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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Old Navy Tees for all! and other adventures

This last Saturday, we had quite the busy day. It started as so many pre-Easter Saturdays do: with an egg hunt. It was Emma's first, and she kind of loved it.

Anywho, post-hunt we hit the road and met my beloved friend Tiffany at Old Navy. I had been selected by Crowdtap to get two free tees for myself (AND two for a friend! SCORE!!) Tiffany met me in the middle and the whirlwind shopping trip began!

Of course, my faithful companion, E was along for the ride. She was only mildly interested in the trip as she was coming down from a sugar buzz, was late for lunch and needed a nap like the Sahara needs rain.
We started grabbing some stuff to try on besides just our tees of choice because, HI, summer is coming! 

Emma was still only mildly interested.

Mildly interested.

So, the tees. Tiffany and I both selected vintage tees in varying colors (we both picked the hot pink and while my other choice was a heather gray, Tiff opted for a dark heather blue hue). These shirts are SO soft and SO reliable - I still have one from being selected for a sample & share a year ago via Crowdtap and Old Navy! Despite the lack of railroad mouth in this picture, I pinky swear I was ecstatic.

On a seperate note, I also bought this stripey dress (below) and FELL. IN. LOVE. I wore it to brunch today with a bubble necklace and a yellow belt with nude flats and felt SO chic and yet comfy! When I got home, I took off the accessories, threw on black leggings and I feel like I could sleep in this thing. Highly recommend. 

On another separate note, as E and I drove home, I rolled down the window because it was 60+ degrees outside. 60+ degrees, I say! Practically summer!!

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PLEASE feel free to ask me any questions!

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