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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Fourth in Review

We have an annual 4th of July BBQ and family get-together at our house, but this year it was tinged and bittersweet. My small community puts on a fireworks display at the park about a block from my house. It's wonderful. People park at our house, eat for a few hours, socialize, drink... and then everyone grabs their lawn chairs and hauls it over to the park at dusk just in time to gaze in awe at the sky. It's convenient and gives us a sense of community. And, heck, we've had the tradition since we moved into this house 6 years ago.

But it was our  last time hosting here. We are moving next month and won't have such easy access to the fireworks. We wanted to make this year special, and were given the opportunity to do so with Sun Drop.

With souvenirs, some food and soda, tunes and game ideas paid for already, we were able to relax into the July afternoon and enjoy family and friends.  It makes me sad to see this tradition go, but at least we got to send it out with a bang! (Pun totally intended). Thank you to all the friends and family throughout the years who have made our 4th of July celebration amazing! Whether it was a simple get-together or a huge ordeal with far too much food (as it usually is), it has never not been a great time spent with those we love!

Thanks to Crowdtap and Sun Drop soda for giving us the chance to host our last party in our sweet little home!

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