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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Hershey's Spreadable PB disaster cookies. LO-freaking-L

I was sent a jar of Hershey's spreadable chocolate (oh, hi. You've never heard of it? YOU ARE MISSING OUT, FRIEND! This stuff is ridiculous) and I thought I'd be all creative-like and instead of dipping strawberries in it or pretzels or putting it on toast, I'd merge my two pregnancy BFFs and make them into cookies. Ya know, peanut butter and chocolate. This seemed completely  logical to me.

And I took pictures as I went, kept track of what I was adding and doing and comparing peanut butter cookie recipes I'd used before as a template.

So I measured out all the ingredients, divided so 50% would be peanut butter cookie batter and the other half would be Hershey's chocolate batter. Seriously, I'm a genius in theory, right?! I even let my little sous chef assist me.

And I introduced her to the Hershey's spread. To say she is a fan is a gross understatement. 

HUGE fan.

I swirled together the peanut butter batter and chocolate, mentally patting myself on the back (okay, crap. You caught me. I physically patted myself on the back too. Seriously, I was so proud of myself...) and thinking I could trademark this recipe. Batter taste-tests proved this was redonk good. I envisioned a couple hundred Pinterest pins within a few days. My blog would be on the front page of Pinterest for being so danged innovative and cutting edge. I would maybe win an award. The Pioneer Woman would knock on my front door unannounced and inform me that I've changed her life.

Seriously, life was good. For a brief moment, everything was beautiful. Crowdtap would name me member of the year. Hershey's would ask me to be a paid intern, and my only responsibility would be to eat Kisses and Cookies and Cream bars. Oh my gosh. Can you even imagine?!

And then they came out of the oven. They weren't burnt per say, but the chocolate didn't bake so well. And by 'so well', I mean that it pretty much scorched while the peanut butter portion of the cookies were undercooked. Sigh. 

The silver lining: Not only did I only use half the Hershey's jar on the cookie dough, I only used half the mixed batter on the cookies. That means that I still had a giant bowl of Hershey's and peanut butter cookie dough to eat raw. WOOOOOOOOOOOOO! If I could break dance, I would. Unfortunately I can't even regular dance without throwing my hips out or causing a flare-up of Braxton Hicks, so luckily for all of you I'm going to refrain from dancing and instead carry on with my cookie dough eating. When the dough is gone, I'll start on polishing off the Hershey's. 

...If the husband doesn't eat it all first. 


I received the Hershey's spreadable dip free from to review, but the opinions are clearly all mine. 

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