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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sweaty Saturday and GIVEAWAY WINNER

We have a winner of my inaugural giveaway!!
Meagan L., check your email, toots!

Well, gosh. That was fun.

Someone sent me a semi-scathing message on Facebook recently questioning my obsession with my health recently. F'real. Like wanting to better myself is a reason to be ashamed?! But here you go, my explanation in bullet form:
  • Emma. When I was a runt, I wasn't really encouraged to be proactive in my health. The end result was a roller coaster of binge and purge, self-loathing and overall laziness through high school. I was teased for my weight and felt horrible about myself. How did I take control of the situation? I ate my feelings, or I starved myself. My junior year of high school I didn't eat a meal aside from dinner for two months straight. And that's sad. I want my daughter to respect and love her body. I don't want to pass my image issues on to her. I want her to discover how great it feels to move and find something she can enjoy physically. I want her to love fresh air and pedaling her bike and jumping rope and even running and feeling the wind in her hair. And I won't force her into any of that, but I want to set a healthy example from the start.
  • Hormones. I'm a whirlwind of emotions all the freaking time. I'm working on leveling them, I'm working on stability and a healthy mindset and honestly? Getting sweaty helps tremendously. We've all heard about endorphins from activity and I WANT THOSE ENDORPHINS. 
  • Myself. Its a small chunk of time I can give myself every day. As much as I don't look forward to getting sweaty, I'm always happy I worked out after. And I turned 30 on Thursday, so that happened. I want to make this year my healthiest yet.
  • Others. I genuinely enjoy encouraging and motivating my friends and family. If someone hits the treadmill or starts a new workout or tags along to a class with me just once because I set a good example for them, I'm a legit happy girl. I may have missed my calling in life. 
So there you go, person who will remain nameless but who suggested I should be evaluated. This working out business? I have good intentions, I pinky swear. I'm not sure you have the same good intentions, but that's cool.

I ended up T25'ing every day but Thursday and plan on hitting it again today, with a jog thrown in. You?


  1. Whoever it was is nuts. You are an inspiration and there is nothing about your activities that is unhealthy.

  2. There is always someone out there trying to burst a bubble. That person more than likely is jealous of your ambition and motivation to reach a goal, especially weight loss. Keep doing what your doing. I jog and ride road bike (whenever I get a moment away from kiddo) and I can tell the difference in my moods when I don't get some kind of exercise in during the week.