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Monday, October 6, 2014

Ipsy Subscription review and why I cancelled today with a smile

Ipsy is great, right? $10 a month for 'deluxe' sized beauty products from name brands. You earn points for reviewing the products after use and then can apply said points to get a free product down the road.

For almost a year, I played this game eagerly. Each month I was chomping at the bit to see what my $10 bought me. And you know what I got?

A bunch of crap.

Sure, I was sent some full sized products (some unheard of lipstick brands in garish orange-brown shades, neon pink eye shadow). I was sent some name brand products (smaller than sample sized Urban Decay Perversion mascara which makes my not-so-sensitive eyes burn). What I mostly got though was tiny tubes of lotion, small vials of cheap perfume and eye shadows that smeared and wore worse than 2007 Britney Spears with a slushy.

Oh, and I've been sent three separate silver eyeliners. THREE. How much do they think this freckled skin Irish and German girl lines her eyes in silver, huh? Not enough, apparently.

So I followed directions: I reviewed products, working to up my points and make my Ipsy profile as clear as the Caribbean Sea on a sunny day. I kept telling them what I did and didn't like, ensuring my profile matched my preferences as best as I could get it. After a while of playing the game I started losing interest. $120 each year for mediocre trials of cosmetics and smelly hair products? Why wouldn't I just place a few orders on Sephora for stuff I know I really want, try a few new products in the clearance aisle, apply some coupon codes and pick my freebies?!

But what about those points? I referred several friends. I dutifully reviewed every item. And after 8 months and only a few missing reviews, I topped out at 830 freaking points. You know what that buys you in the Ipsy world?

Jack squat.

Guys, if I turned you on to the site I truly hope you enjoy it. If you're pleased with the service, awesome.
But if you think you'd rather spend the $10/month on four black coffees at Peet's, give me a call and we'll meet up for a latte.

You bring the orange lipstick. I'll bring the silver eyeliner.

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