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Friday, November 21, 2014

A Post-Workout chocolate love story

I received a shipment from Mrs. Cavanaughs to test out their various chocolate delicacies (The struggle is real, folks). Of course, this came shortly after I got done working out.

These bars? Amazeballs. My personal favorite was the Roasted Almond truffle chocolate bar. Seriously. 

There's a HUGE variety of chocolates, many of which were in the box I received. My heart exploded with lust when I started shoveling chocolate into my pie hole. Life is good, ya know?

My honest, favorite part of these chocolates were that the chocolate itself wasn't waxy or chalky - it was sweet and creamy and the dark chocolate had a tart undertone and these were legitimately GOOD. I can't say the same thing for many of the mass-produced, boxed chocolates you can find at Target and Walmart.

Look at that nutty, chocolatey goodness!

And then the threenager sniffed out that I was eating candy without sharing.

There, was a pink one, soooo...

Her face says it all.

For my lovely readers, is running a special promotion: Buy one pound of chocolate, get one free! Use code usfamily2014

Enjoy, you lovely folks! I received these products free to test, but the opinions are all my own!

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