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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The great cosmetic purge of 2015

It finally snowed, so I was all gungho in going outside with the fam during T's nap time for some intense sledding. Then, the wind blew once and I decided I'd be much happier not being outside. (Because, not cold inside). I took a shower and washed off the dried sweat from three workouts and then glanced over at my cosmetics. It was time. Time for the purge.

A few weeks ago, I noticed that I couldn't find tweezers. I have multiple pairs, so it seemed pretty weird. Or... maybe not weird. Maybe. 

But seriously, look at how disgusting my makeup is organized. I decided to lay it all out and chuck anything I haven't used recently and/or purchased recently. I keep all these mascaras I've used once but hated. I have two or three bottles of the same foundation. It's borderline ridiculous.

ALL THIS -> into THIS -> ??

Two of the same blush. I chucked the one that was almost empty. Also side note, this is hands down the most flattering blush, ever. It's NYX in Pinched - a rosey shade with peach shimmer. So pretty! In other news, this Miss Manga Voluminous mascara (Loreal I think?) is absolutely horrible. I'm a mascara hobag and this is absolute crap. On the flip side, I was sent this tube of Mary Kay lashlove and it's AMAZING. I was shocked at how much I loved it. I did throw away this tube because it's well past its 3 month lifespan, but I'm also planning to buy another tube. 

I bought the bottle of Benetint before Brett and I got married, so there's that.

Check out my trash bag! So flipping therapeutic!

And after! Isn't that SO much better? I can actually find what I need. I still have a crapton of makeup but it looks soooo much better. Now to tackle the hair products...

I finished just in time for the pumpkin butt to come screaming into the house post-sledding, demanding hot cocoa with one-two-free marshmallows because she's free years old. Yup.

Answer me this: What is one point of your life that you need to purge? Cosmetics like me? Gym clothes? Shoes? Answer below for a virtual high five.

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