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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

FabFitFun - Customer Service RANT (because OMFG) - UPDATED

****2/16 - There is an update at the bottom****
I'm a pretty even-keeled lady. I mean, I get worked up but when it comes to customer service, I get it. I do. I used to work in inside sales and customer service for a stamp company. I've heard every crazy word and name over rubber marking stamps, so yes. I do get it. But shitty customer service from a company that I've previously raved about, referred friends to, buzzed about on message boards (which definitely lead to others purchasing subscriptions without me getting any sort of referral credit)?! Wow. I'm pretty flipping irritated.

So January 16th I decided I was going to take the plunge and buy a quarterly subscription to - it's a quarterly box that costs $50 and is valued at anywhere up from $200. It's full of awesome, full-sized goodies and has gotten me hooked on many a product. I've received two in the past for free in exchange for a blog review and I was definitely happy to do so.

Anywho, January 16th I pay. I get notification on February 4th that my item shipped - to my old address. Even though I didn't put that address in for billing or shipping, they must have still had that address tucked away from my very first review the spring of 2013. I sent an email immediately that morning and heard nothing. I left a voice mail the morning of the 5th. Nothing. So I vlogged on Youtube a slightly irritated video, then shared it (yes, passive-aggressively. I know.) on their FB wall. It was almost immediately removed and then they sent me a message via Facebook asking me to give them any details I had about the order. I did, they called, said they'd get a new box shipped out the same day as well as a complimentary water bottle for my troubles. Oh. Okay. I mean, I have a pretty nice Camelback but whatever. The woman was a tiny bit short with me but I put on my happy face because, again, customer service sucks. I know that. It isn't her fault.

I get a shipment notification on Monday for the water bottle, it'll be here Friday. Odd, I was told that it would be later than the box. Today I get word that a label was printed for the actual box. To be delivered in a different (read: slower) method then was promised to me on the 5th. I send another email this morning. No response. Send a message on Facebook.

They eventually call me, 15 minutes after their customer service line is out for the evening. Nika leaves a condescending, rude message spitting out the original FedEx number and says she'll also message me to give me instructions on Facebook as well. Thanks, honey. I've been on the world wide interwebz once or twice. I think I can figure it out. Oh, and the fucking box STILL HASN'T LEFT THE ORIGINAL FACILITY.

At this point, I feel like I'm being scammed. I'm disgusted. I'm tired. I just want the box or I want my flipping money back. I want acknowledgement that they are screwing me over. I'm ready to leave before I even received my first paid package, and that's SO sad because I was all ready to be a lifer.

The end. Thanks for nothing, FFF.
So customer service saw this post and responded on my Facebook. Nika apoligized for her tone or how it was perceived, and they refunded the box. I haven't actually seen the refund in my bank account but I'll be watching for it. Plus, the box will be here Wednesday. I'm going to give them one more shot - I truly want this to work out since again, it is a killer deal for awesome products. 

Also, the water bottle? ...I'm obsessed. Emma wants one now too which, if that means she's drinking something other than lemonade all day I'm down for it. 

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