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Friday, January 1, 2016

And as we begin a new year and a new journey and a bit of the same old

 Disclaimer: I wrote part of this last night (long before the ball dropped, while completely sober) and part this evening on the 1st of January while indulging in a 4:30 pm glass of Pinot Noir. All opinions, facts and lies stated are mine and not sponsored my anything or anyone. As in this is a legit writing moment. 

It's 2016. I can't say that 2015 was awful or amazing. It was a year, one that went far too fast with far too few major highlights. I spent a lot of time yelling at my kids. I spent a lot of time feeling sorry for myself. I spent a lot of time drinking too much wine and watching too much tv. But it's not like it was a bad year. Not really.

My goals for the new year are simple. Keep on. Keep on getting stronger at the gym (because compared to where I was a year ago, or even 6 months ago after I had ACL reconstruction surgery I'm a hell of a lot stronger). Enjoy the time I spend there, because the majority of it is spent being encouraged and enlightened and motivated. Keep on admiring the physical beauty around me - our beautiful home and our beautiful woods and our beautiful neighborhood and the beautiful field across the road that often is filled with deer and sand hill cranes and geese and the occasional coyote or possum.

Keep on enjoying my hilarious family. My son will do anything for a laugh. He's such a ham! And my daughter is so quick witted I don't always even keep up with her.
She's four, folks. I can't handle a battle of wit with my four year old. Pfft.
My husband is so sarcastic, and sarcasm is most definitely my love language. Hell, it's probably my only language. I'm not sure the last time I went a full day without a sarcastic comment or five. When he mutters a dry-humor comment I look at him with hearts in my eyes all over again.

Keep on learning and experiencing and enjoying and feeling each moment with as much honesty and passion as I can muster. The hurts hurt bad, but the highs are so amazing. 
Life is amazing, folks. It can be amazing if you make it that way.

Cherish this shit, every single day.

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