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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Dollar Store (or cheaper!) haunted trailer

Our elementary school PTA holds an annual Trunk or Treat event so that our children can safely trick or treat and celebrate the season in a secure environment. Since Emma was in kindergarten last year, we did not know what to expect. We were both pretty impressed by the effort's parents and teachers alike put into the backs of their cars, but my husband had a great idea – taking it a step further. Borrowing a trailer from the company, we would create a not-too-scary, not-too-big haunted house!

 Fast forward a year, and I passively mention the possibility of it to a PTA officer. Yeah, she freaking loved the idea. So here I am, realizing the event is this week and I NEED A HAUNTED TRAILER! 

A giant, spooky, EMPTY trailer.
A spooky, **empty** trailer. Ahem. 

Using Dollar Store table clothes, I divide up the space to make a 'route of traffic'. Be sure to cut off the excess fabric at the bottom since it could be for another project later!

A spooktastic touch that will cause people to jump? Remove a Goodwill or dollar store mirror from its frame and scrap sections of the backing to reveal the glass. Print an eerie face and tape to the back - the results are subtle enough that my husband glanced at the mirror a few moments ago, looked again and announced that it was, "Really creepy". Coming from him, that's huge. 

Guys. Toilet paper rolls. Glow sticks. Dark corners. Cut out some creepy eyes. Blammo! 

I found these creepy masks on Amazon and immediately decided they were perfect for some eery dark creatures. Simply attach a mask around an inflated balloon and secure with tape, drape some of that excess vinyl tablecloth material around it, repeat and you have a family of phantoms that will give even the bravest soul at least a brief pause! 

With some strategically draped gummy-feeling beetles in darker areas, the creepiest ceramic dolls I've ever seen from a Goodwill store and some mood-setting music courtesy of a pre-made Spotify playlist, after the dusk hours the haunted trailer was a smashing success with the grade school kids! 

Do you have any fan favorites for a creepy haunted house? Share them below!

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  1. This looks like a fund idea haha. Once I show this to my kids, I know they will want to try this. Guess I'll get to gathering the supplies now.