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Sunday, September 25, 2022


I wasn’t going to say anything - I’ve been stewing on this for almost 24 hours because I was shocked at how hurtful it was. I jogged up to someone yesterday to very quickly greet them, as I hadn’t seen in three+ years, and was told to move away. Literally all I wanted was a quick, 20 second “hi” with someone I was genuinely happy to see. I was told to go.

⭐️ Here’s my point: Can we all work on being a little more kind? A little more patient? A little less fake? We can preach our Christian values, but maybe we need to act them out as well. I know it’s neat to be extra with our girlfriends and besties, but being gross to those who aren’t is… yeah. Gross. ⭐️

It was so rude (although maybe I was the rude one for not staying in my lane and ignoring the person), and I’m bored with trying to hide my hurt feelings. 

Not interested in being a friend publicly? 

Cool. Done.✌️

Picture of my puppy, for warm and fuzzy feelings.

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