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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thankful November Day 13: Candle Heaven

Ever wonder why my house smells like a yummy variation of Christmas year round?
Oh. It's because of my unhealthy obsession with Cinnamon & Clove Bud candles from Bath and Body Works.
Ever consider what you could buy me to cheer me up when I'm a gloomy Gus?
Yeah. You've figured it out. These candles are an arrow to my soul. They make me a better person. Love candles lift us up where we beloooong!

I hoard these year-to-year in fear that Bath and Body Works will somehow lose their damned minds and discontinue them. I would cry. I would cry hard. Today I woke up PMSy and cranky and ultimately loathing the world.
And then I lit my three-wick candle.
I'm still crampy and PMSy and overall a total crank, but my house is yummy and deep down I'm a much happier person.

So thank you, Bath and Body Works. Thank you for coming out with the White Barn line of candles (which burn amazingly, BTW. Far better than Yankee.) Thank you for throwing some clove oil in with the traditional cinnamon scent and putting it in wax form. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Buy these candles for me. You're welcome.

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  1. I simmer essential oils and water on the stove when I need a pick me up smell. DH always comes home and cranks about it being too stinky at our house, but I love it. I know it's coming when he walks in the door and says, "You can smell that outside!!!!" Lol.