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Thursday, November 29, 2012

The last 17

I absolutely lost track of time and stopped updating with my thankful posts. Here's my last 17 for the month!
14. Lindt Chocolate Truffles
15. Summer festivals in Wisconsin
16. Sesame Street episodes on Sprout (On Demand)
17. Corduroy pants and their magical slimming abilities
18. Coach. All things Coach.
19. My in-laws
20. Red wine, especially a good Zinfandel
21. Jogging strollers
22. iPhones with toddler apps
23. Slippers - And I totally need a new pair
24. Christmas lights
25. My blessed GPS
26. Having a hair-stylist for a sister-in-law
27. Pinterest
28. My hometown: Coulee City, WA
29. Scentsy wax melts
30. Our school district's Parent Educator, Pattie Woods. Book time at the library every Thursday is maybe my favorite time, ever. This woman deserves a medal for how patient she is with toddlers climbing on her.

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