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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Daily bla bla bla

Ya know when blogs start slowing down and suddenly the updates turn semi luke-warm and you think, 'Yup, that writer has absolutely nothing valuable to add to the conversations of the world"?

That is so me right now. I've been wracking my brain trying to think of something to write about for a few days now. Life experiences? Lots of great stuff is happening, house stuff and family stuff and other stuff, but nothing I can really discuss in detail at the moment because I don't want to jinx a single thing. Product reviews? I've got a few in the works, including my odd experiences with a workout apparel subscription company and another company I shouldn't really shouldn't technically get affiliated with. (More on that another time...)
The kid? Eh. Same ol'. She just finished up swim lessons today and absolutely refuses to make shovels out of her hands to scoop scoop SCOOP. The kicking? She's a pro. The fearless jumping into my arms? Throw in a little 'Teddy Bear Teddy Bear' song remix and she'll dive head-first into the water. So, swimming lessons happened. She's two. She can [sort of] count to 10 in Spanish and her new schtick is talking in baby talk which makes me absolutely insane. But, sigh, stuff is pretty status quo with the shorty.

Has anyone else been stalking daily deal boutique sites? I'm suddenly obsessed with collecting any and every J Crew knockoff statement necklace I can get my Baked Cheeto-dusted-fingers on. It's getting borderline ridiculous, how many emails I get from these flash sale sites each day. But I'm craving more!
Current list:
Very Jane
Groop Dealz
Sassy Steals
To Adorn
The Savvy Craft - this one is a relatively new site and still ramping up

Am I missing any good ones? Please share! I love me some pretties!

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