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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The post in which I show pictures of my sweaty ankles. Thanks, Zaggora!

Have you heard of Zaggora hot pants? Okay, seriously. Have you? Because I thought I had, but I was a fool. I hadn't heard of them whatsoever.

Zaggora is an innovative brand using cutting edge technology and their original Celu-Litefabric to help customers sweat away the pounds. When you put these bad boys on, it's seriously like you're yanking up a pair of scuba pants. They swish when you walk. They itch. They are heavy. They are TIGHT.

But holy crap, do you sweat.

My first time wearing them, I was a bit apprehensive. They seemed great and all, but I wasn't sure I could overlook the itchy factor. Or the swishing. The swishing is just... obnoxious as hell, especially since I'm not one of those blessed ladies whose thighs don't rub together. Mine do. A lot.

But I gave them a go. After a few minutes, the itchy is ignore-able and the swishing is less evident. You know what I did notice? My socks felt wet.  

You can't really tell from this image, but the sweat was pouring down my legs into my socks. Sexy, I know. I had to put my shoes outside to air dry and had to wring out my socks. 

F'real. These pants are intense, and now I want a matching top and also some of the shorts. The claim is that these help you lose weight through fitness more quickly, initially by water weight but overall by increasing body heat so you burn more calories during cardio. I don't know how true it is, but I do know that I love a good sweat, and these bad boys will definitely help me meet my 'earn the shower' goal. 

I received these kick-butt Zaggora pants to review by the company, but the opinions are all mine. (I'm sure they don't want me saying that they itch like a mofo or that people can hear me coming a mile away by way of my thunder thighs causing friction). On a scale of 1 to 10? I give these a solid, mega 8. 

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