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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

We ventured to All Seasons Apple Orchard

Nice and early Monday morning, E & I decided to venture down to Woodstock, IL to check out All Seasons Apple Orchard. Emma was in a good mood, I wasn't feeling nauseated... it made sense to enjoy the sunshine while we can!

Apparently almost napping in the car = a frown face once we get out.

Right away, the kiddo found tons of stuff to climb on, jump on, grab at and throw. 

This chair was a huge hit.

Surprisingly, the kid is obsessed with the tractors. Seriously, I'm surprised. She ignored other stuff for the sake of the tractors.
We had never been apple picking before and Emma absolutely loved it. Granted, she kept trying to pick up the ground apples or ones covered in bruises, but after a while she learned to go for low branches and pulllllll!
She dominated the fields
Soon enough, she declared via tantrum that she was done with apples and ready to get back on the tractor to see the baby animals. 
We rode solo back from the orchard. Apparently most people spend more than 10 minutes at a time picking apples.
Did I mention baby animals???!??

We were excited to try the kitchen and do a little shopping, but then someone decided it was game-over time a little early and I decided I didn't have the energy to drag an unwilling two year old around.

 This meant we also didn't get to go through the Scooby Doo corn maze (which was TOTALLY why I wanted to go down to this orchard!!). However, we're definitely going to have to head back down for another adventure this fall. Between the U-pick apples, pumpkin patch, corn maze, petting zoo and barnyard play area, we'd be crazy not to! All Seasons Apple Orchard is open daily through October. Check out their website for picking schedules and special events! Click here for more info!

Also, for my readers I have an opportunity for you to get 25% off the barnyard activity area, apple picking and combo admission on weekdays at All Seasons Apple Orchard. Click here!

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