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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Bedtime brain train

I have to pee before bed, every night. So as I'm sitting there I look down at the Under Armor running shorts I sleep in whenever I randomly grab them, and realize I had them on backwards.

Then I spot that they were made in Malaysia. Immediately, "Keel the Malaysian prime meenasterrrr!" plays loudly in my head. Thanks Zoolander for eternally ruining an entire country for me forever. 

Then I think about the Malaysian flight that went missing a year ago. Did they ever find anything from it? I remember flipping through various news stations and seeing the afternoon guy who may be wearing mascara on Fox News stand in front of a giant ticker of how many days and hours the plane had been missing. I also know a while back they thought they found a part of a wing near Australia but I don't remember the outcome.

And I could google this information far more quickly than I could type it out, but where is the fun in that?! 
Instead, I'll hit 'publish' and close my phone and drift off and probably forget to  look up the outcome in the morning. 

And that's why I pee one last time before drifting off - so I can figure out why my navy UA shorts don't quite feel comfortable.

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