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Friday, September 16, 2016

Recovery Day one of the zombie knee

This won't be long because it's almost 2 am and, well, it's really damned boring. I woke up post-op today to find out my ACL was jacked up (AKA 'worst case scenario') so I had to have the full ACL replacement by way of donor or cadaver or allograft or whatever you want to call it, with the meniscus trimming nonsense. Henceforth my left knee will now be referred to as my zombie knee. 

Got home, PTFO, actually ate which is kind of huge because last time I didn't eat for days. Around 7 Brett comes rushing upstairs to announce Emma has a fever and needs to come home. She's my resident bad ass so when she gets sick? It's heartbreaking. A few minutes ago she came in for her nightly bed hogging and gut kicking (some people would call this snuggles. I call those people mistaken assholes). For the sake of zombie knee I crutched it to her God-awful bed. And here we are! 

Retainer selfie in the dress I've had in all day! CHEEEESE! 

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