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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Zombie knee VS. Cannibal knee (Day 4)

I decided to undo all of my ace bandages  today so that I can let my leg kind of air out. With all of the swelling the bandages were really cutting into my leg which adds a super sexy factor to the freak show that is my knee. So anywho, I got everything unwrapped and I'm looking at it and it really isn't all that bad. In fact I kind of feel like the zombie knee isn't even nearly is horrific as the previous surgery knee. I guess we'll call that cannibal knee? You know, because they used my own tendon to replace my ACL? OK yes. So cannibal knee was far more horrific and blood and guts and murder scene than zombie knee.

If you look closely, the line in the middle of zombie knee is the main scar from cannibal knee.
Emma comes upstairs a few moments ago to see zombie knee.  She's really investigating it, but from a distance. Then she announces, "You need to go ahead and put that away now. Dr. Lyon will be super mad at you for showing me. You'll have to live at the hospital." She then literally backs out of the room with a green face and runs down the stairs! Apparently my tough five year old isn't so tough when it comes to her momma being cut open. Wimp. 

By the way, I did poop last night. You're welcome. I know everyone was waiting with bated breath.


  1. Rather extreme manner in which to keep your daughter away from you LOL Mary

  2. uh, Elizabeth...mmmmm...I firsthand know you can poop. ROFL. so, no need to share :) Hope you get all better :) love Dad