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Monday, December 24, 2018

This is my Grown Up Christmas List

With just one more wake up until Christmas, I'm sure you are all panicking on what to get me for this magical holiday. But thanks to our good friends at there is still time to send me (or someone else, I guess. Harumph.) a unique and kind of amazing gift with it only being a hot second late. Check out my little list of cool do-dads I've found in the last few days for just about every price range!

This sweet little camera setup gives you instantaneous images for all your selfie-loving selves. 

Carry your library books for all your snot-nosed babes in retro-chic style.

Wanna keep a secret? So does this subtly-cool leather bracelet with your own message printed inside.

Married to the gym? Not one for arm candy? Ditch the Fitbit and slip into something a bit more subtle - this activity tracker ring is a waterproof way to track your steps and heart rate without smashing your device with a kettle bell swing.

Step up your beer-in-the-shower-pregame routine with an innovative beer and wine glass holder with super strong suction so your glass is never too far from your reach. Afraid of dropping said glass with slippery hands? Pop a bendy straw in your pinot. Duh.

Green thumbs, rejoice! Eat fresh even in the most frigid of seasons with this magical all-in-one aero-garden.

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