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Friday, October 11, 2019

Blooms in the dark

The weather has turned in Southeastern Wisconsin. It’s gray and drizzly, with a bone-chilling breeze. Trees are getting an orange hue and my garden, or what remains, is rapidly rotting away into the fall season. I’ve recently caught wind of some shade being thrown my way behind my back, and it almost (almost) cut me deep. I almost allowed it to hurt me.

And yet this vibrant bloom emerged somewhere in the last 24 hours in my backyard, with a reminder to find the bright amidst the dreary. I hope all of you find a moment today to discover that bright spot in your life, a reminder that you ARE enough, you CAN. We are all fighting this battle together, and we can’t let the negativity win. You can create change, you can be change; you are a brilliant flower amongst weeds. 🌸 

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