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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Butt Padding

Disclaimer: I’m known for my bluntness (although I bite my tongue more than I get credit for. Just saying.) and I make a point to not mince too many words when it comes to my blog. 

Here we go. I am on a toilet for the 10th+ time today, just after writing a horribly mean and brutal workout for tomorrow’s class, and I’m mulling over getting certified in becoming a spin instructor yet again. We have so many instructors at my gym, but I truly love the formatting and how the music works for you and how a class can change so quickly by just changing the tempo or resistance or whatever. Bla bla bla. 

So I’m shitting and mulling and I think to myself, “I know! I’ll buy myself a spin bike for at home to help me decide!” Two seconds into that endeavor - because, let’s be honest: the best research is done on the toilet - I’m changing course because 1. It costs less just to get certified and 2. We have bikes at the gym that are barely touched outside of classes as it is. I can utilize those at any time. 

I finish up for the 97th time and wash my hands and then a lightbulb! I should buy padded leggings for spin so I can enjoy a few classes more before deciding!
This seems totally obvious. Can you imagine contemplating a quick $200 spend plus 8+ hours of lecture and exercise on a tall, skinny bike while NOT having a padded butt?! Off to my good friend Amazon.

And then I find these. 

The end. 
No, seriously. I have nothing else to say. I’m crying on so many levels.

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