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Sunday, February 2, 2020

02/02/2020 (and we still can’t handle weight)

42 minutes into riding the spin bike tucked away in my bedroom and I started watching the movie I Feel Pretty. Okay, she’s probably a size 29 jeans and 10 upper, with (per the movie) 9.5ww feet. AND SHE SUPPOSEDLY BREAKS A SPIN BIKE BECAUSE SHE’S FAT?! 

I know this movie ultimately leads to body confidence and inner beauty, but 2 minutes as a curvier girl I’m insulted as hell. Fat shaming needs to end, folks. Just like body shaming a thin person, assuming a white male is entitled, general racism, sexism, and so on. In a world where everything is insulting, there are still a few classes where we have to grin and accept the mocking.

So. Frustrated. Also note that my bike hasn’t yet broke under my fat ass, so maybe this fictional Soul Cycle location needs to invest in better quality bikes?!  My $90 bike from Aldis is doing just fine. 

Now I’m going to wash my fat body and go eat something because that’s pretty much what overweight people do. ✌🏻

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